Saturday, December 11, 2004

Critical Essay 1: -How many mics do you rip...- Artistic Self-Awareness in the Fugees' "The Score" - INTRO

This first critical essay on hip-hop will paint a broad canvas of just some of this issues critical literature can tackle: artistic self-awareness.

Artistic self-awareness is when a piece of art becomes aware of its artificiality. The creators of the art, rather than trying to tie it directly into our consciousness as a take on reality, feel the need to alert us to the fact that what we are experiencing is art, is artificial. This sometimes known as self-referentiality or meta-narration.

To offer and explanation for why this is happening is possible but hugely time-consuming. I will point out in this essay just how the Fugees' highlight the status of The Score as art; I would like anyone who makes it to the conclusion of the article to think about why they are doing it. Post/get in touch with me to compare ideas.


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